Being a parents is a bit like living on another planet sometimes. A planet where the playroom, if not the whole house, is often messy, where sometimes you can find a peanut butter drawing on the wall (but it’s art right?) and where, despite all the love you have for your little ones, sometimes, you don’t’ feel like playing. It’s not always idyllic and it’s totally normal.


As parents, we love to see our kids play and have fun creating chaos, but we also love having a clean tidy house and time for ourselves. Finding furniture and toys that appeal to parents while remaining fun and stimulating for kids, is quite a challenge.


This is why we've created Coco Village!





There was a company founded in 2018 by Yoann Desrosiers and Dominik Larose!

Residing in Montreal and parents of twins, they were looking for beds for their sons who were now ready to transfer from the cradle to a full-size bed.

Disappointed by the lack of neutral and modern options better suited for their interior design and inspired by the widest variety available in Europe, they decided to find a partner to produce their dream bed.


They created a website for the 100 units ordered of their still popular House Bed and quickly started making sales, shipping directly from their garage to family homes across North America. Then, witnessing the rapidly evolving motor skills of their 2-year-old sons, followed an order of 700 Balance Bikes. Everything was sold out in just a few weeks! Coco Village was born!





To design stylish, affordable, high-quality products for cool families with happy children. 


In this quest of affordable quality, the founders selected as key partners and suppliers, the greatest experts of each product category, no matter where they are located on the planet!
Our products are therefore 100% designed in-house and then manufactured by these experts around the world! Inspired by Scandinavian and European brands of children's furniture and toys, Coco Village aspires to make major design trends accessible and affordable for everyone.







Both minimalist and colorful, we create simple products that are beautiful, durable and sparks interest for our little ones. Creating a fun and safe space for them, while stimulating their imagination!


  We’re parents.
  We’re designers.
  We’re here to bring more fun to parenthood.
  Welcome to Coco Village!